Perth HDD Drilling

Horizontal drilling for the installation of services for civil construction projects, Tier 1 projects, and asset maintenance and replacement.

Apex Utilities HDD Services
Apex Utilities HDD drill working 1

Horizontal Directional Drilling- HDD

- We are privileged to have a combined total of over 60 years of HDD experience.
- Own and operate a fleet of Vermeer drill rigs.
Capability to drill between 20mm to 500mm internally and alliances with multiple maxi teams who have successfully drilled diameters of up to 1200mm.
- Poly Polyethylene and Steel HDD delivery.
- Bore planning.
- Asset locating – including ground-penetrating radar operation and Non-Destructive excavations.

Mains & Services Replacement

- Full cycle delivery with 25 years’ experience replacing cast iron, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, galvanised iron, and steel pipelines.
- Pipeline cleaning and testing.
- Butt welding and poly fusion welding.
- Material Data Reporting.
- Pneumatic and hydro testing.
- Annulus Grout Sealing.

Apex Utilities Mains Replacement 1
Apex Utilities Mains Reinstatement


- Concrete – coloured, exposed, spray pave and grey.
- Paving.
Asphalt- patch work to full resurfacing
- Line marking.
- Landscape- turf, artificial turf, reticulation.
- Kerbing.

Traffic Management

- Site-specific TGS and TMP preparation.
- Local government and government permit officer.
- Onsite traffic control set up and aftercare.

Apex Utilities Traffic Management

Our Specialisation

Power, Gas, Water & NBN replacement that includes associated services for ease and continuity of project mangement.

Apex Utilities DBYD Certified Locator
  • Apex Utilities HDD drilling

    Horizontal Directional Drilling

    For the installation of underground pipe, conduit, cable or ducts under existing surfaces, such as roads and pathways.

  • Apex Utilities Mains Replacement

    Mains Replacement.

    Removal of existing mains and installation of new mains. 

  • Apex Utilities Services Replacement

    Service Replacement

    All services replaced, such as Telecommunication, Gas, Water, Sewerage and Power.

  • Apex Utilities Reinstatement


    Backfill and reinstate project to specification.

  • Apex Utilities Traffic Management

    Traffic management

    Safe control of work site and public traffic access and vehicle  movement around the work area.

  • Apex Utilities Permit Officers

    Permit Officers

    Local Government and Government Permit Officers.

We Provide The Experience, Labour, Machinery & Equipment

Look no further than Apex Utilities for your next new utilities and telecommunications services or maintenance project.