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Our management team are hands on for client projects, safety and operations improvement.

Brett Tedman General Manager

Brett Tedman has and continues to manage a variety of major, high-profile projects requiring team leadership, onsite HSE management, end to end management and a commitment to quality and on-time delivery. He enjoys the experience and excitement of new challenges, working to strict deadlines, as well as stakeholder liaison and overall team leadership.

Brett leads by example when it comes to learning, improvement and the development of innovative solutions in services gas, power, telecommunications, and construction sectors.

Workplace related courses completed:

- Mental Health First Aider
- Industrial Relations Masterclass
- Aboriginal & Torres Strait
- Islander Awareness Certificate
- ASIC - Australian Airport Clearance
- Workplace Drug & Alcohol
- Testing (collect pathology specimens other than blood)

Apex Utilities Brett 1.1


- Master of Business Administration (currently studying)
- Certificate IV in Supervision
- Certificate III in Gas Supply & Industry Operations
- Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
- Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety
- Certificate IV in Leadership & Management

Apex Utilities Russel 1

Russel Scheffer
Managing Director

Russel founded APEX Utilities in February 2022 after working within the Utilities Industry for over 15 years. He has extensive hands-on experience in the utilities, civil and construction industries extending to all aspects of field operations. Russel adopts a strong risk management approach to business, ensuring all potential risks are mitigated and managed through all aspects of company performance and compliance.

Russel’s focus is on the overall direction and operational performance of onsite operations. His aim is to provide positive leadership, coaching and development for positive culture and long-term growth strategies. He genuinely cares about the wellbeing and success of Apex Utilities employees and creating a safe, fulfilling, and engaging work environment.

Russel is an effective communicator and an effective relationship builder.  As an employer he is confident in his ability to identify to and understand candidates that allows him to play a key role in attracting and retaining the right people.

Russel ensures day-to-day operations are conducted in a safe, efficient, and client-focused manner within the framework of Apex Utilities Quality Control Standards.

Apex Utilities Todd

Todd Sheavyn

Todd is an experienced Supervisor with a demonstrated history of working in the utilities industry (ATCO, Western Power, NBN and Water) for over 15 years. His skillset includes Telecommunications and Gas, Supervisory Skills, Machine Operation, Troubleshooting, and Training.

Todd’s experience and activity is across all facets of the Apex Utilities operations. He is astute at gaining an appreciation of where improvements may be made to equipment and work processes to further enhance safety and onsite efficiencies. Todd spearheads continuous improvement in the business and has initiated several key tooling and equipment innovations. Thes innovations include the adoption of digital gauges and safety mechanisms in service installations.

Todd monitors and critically analyses day-to-day operations for the benefit of on-site safety to employees and stakeholders.  Efficiency, client-focused workflows, and quality control also fall under Todd’s main tasks.

Apex Utilities Tracey

Tracey Daly
Operations Coordinator

Tracey is a seasoned professional with a strong background in the Utilities Industry with over five years of dedicated service. Her accomplishments include the successful completion of a Diploma in Project Management. Consequently, Tracey imparts invaluable skills and knowledge in the management of utilities projects and her liaison with staff and stakeholders.

Throughout her career, Tracey has consistently demonstrated a keen eye for detail and an exceptional level of organisation as an operations coordinator. Her extensive experience spans over two decades, during which she excelled in providing comprehensive and adept administrative support to high-level executives.

Tracey takes pride in being a dedicated and accountable individual, with an unwavering focus on achieving project goals through effective prioritisation and follow-through. As a self-driven and independent professional, Tracey has strong communication and writing skills. She establishes and nurtures positive relationships with clients and colleagues across all organisational tiers. Tracey’s work experiences have instilled in her the belief that curiosity, support, creativity, and interpersonal connections are fundamental elements in cultivating vibrant and thriving workplaces.

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